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Ethics & Judicial Conduct violations include U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Jesha Miller
1733 Davcohn Ave.
Evansville IN. 47714
812 470 2531                       FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE

                                                              BREAKING NEW

     Judge John D. Bates is the Chief Executive of the Administrative Office. Accountability is the Core value of the judiciary. The plan for 2015 was stringent standards of conduct which is why Jesha Miller has called upon immediate action for Judge john D. Bates to make an Injunctive Order for the FCC & major media to give nation coverage to Jesha Miller who has petitioned the Checks & Balances due to corruption in the entire judicial Branch of government. The civil action, case No. 16 - cv - 14 was filed in the Federal Court of Wisconsin demanding immediate relief but Judge William Conley has left it under advisement for 3 weeks now so Judge John D. Bates is called on due to the delay because immediate means at once. To keep it under advisement only continues the concealment of government corruption when the immediate order is for the 1st amendment right to freedom of the press so the public will be informed of corruption in the highest Court. [ This takes priority over all matters because with corruption in the U.S. Supreme Court the appellate Court system no longer works. The Checks & Balances will uphold the integrity of the Constitution by getting rid of the corruption, economic oppression, dereliction of duty, & abuse of power by the U.S. Supreme Court imposing SLAVERY. ] JUDICIAL ETHICS have been violated by officials throughout the Judicial Branch including newly appointed U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The public have not been informed that both the Judicial branch & Justice Department are corrupt with evidence supporting this. The Motion to Judge Bates is online at As usual money & power are the motive for corruption & in this case the U.S. Supreme Court denied Jesha Miller 50 million dollars & covered up the Federal crime by Indiana Vanderburgh County Judge David Kiely which is the exclusion of jurors on account of race.

                                        Below is Motion Demanding Injunctive Relief

                                                   FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Jesha Miller
           ( plaintiff )

     v.               Case No. 16 cv 14   ---   In the Wisconsin federal Court - Judge William Conley

Tom Wheeler  etc.,

           Demand Judge John D. Bates take Immediate Action as Chief Executive of    
                                            Administrative Office

      Come Now, Jesha D. Miller Demanding Judge John D. Bates take immediate action due to a lack of diligence on the part of Judge William Conley failing to immediately ORDER the Defendants in case No. 16 - cv - 14 give Jesha D. Miller National Coverage from the media to expose government corruption in the entire Judicial Branch of government & the Constitution's checks & balances to stop the corruption, economic oppression, & abuse of power. Judge Bates should take immediate action for the following reason;

1. Code of conduct for U.S. Judges to uphold the integrity & independence of the Judiciary. This is the first case of its kind where the checks & balances have been petitioned to uphold the integrity of the Constitution due to corruption in the entire Judicial Branch of government which includes the U.S. Supreme Court. I take into account that the case is under advisory by Judge William Conley & has been for nearly a month but this cannot be used to continue the concealment of corruption in the Judicial Branch of government. The GRAVITY OF THIS IS THERE IS EVIDENCE OF CORRUPTION IN THE ENTIRE JUDICIAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT WHICH INCLUDES THE U.S. SUPREME COURT. THIS TAKES PRIORITY OVER ALL MATTERS.
2. A Judge should not show impropriety in any of his actions. When the complaint was filed in the Federal Court of Wisconsin the plaintiff demanded IMMEDIATE COURT ORDER for my first amendment right which is guaranteed by the first amendment freedom of speech - press. IMMEDIATE means DONE AT ONCE. This is a guaranteed right by the 1st amendment so it should not sit under advisement as this is another form of the continuance of concealment of government corruption. [ See; ]  The first amendment is intended to help uphold the integrity of the Constitution by exposing the corruption to the public. It specifically states that neither can the media censor it or the government prevent it as the discussion is essential for the protection of the people’s rights. The first amendment states this is an evil to be prevented. The media cannot conceal government corruption & crime from the public for then, as in now, they are running a corrupt government which requires the Constitution’s checks & balances to clean up the corruption & abuse of power in the United States Supreme Court.

3. Judge William Conley was petitioned to perform the duties of the office fairly, impartially & diligently for a second time & still there has been no Court ORDER demanding the media give Jesha Miller coverage to stop the concealment of government corruption in the entire Judicial Branch of government. [ See; ] WHEN THE CHECKS & BALANCES ARE PETITIONED & SUPPORTED BY THE EVIDENCE GOVERNMENT IS CAUGHT ABUSING POWER IN THAT BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. THIS IS ONLY DELAYING THE INEVITABLE, THE CHECKS & BALANCES ARE INTENDED TO PREVENT ABUSE OF POWER. THE FRAMERS OF THE CONSTITUTION HAD THREE (3) INTENTS, PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE, PREVENT ABUSE OF POWER, & PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED. Article I, sec. 9 of the Constitution is a power denied government to protect the right to freedom when a citizen is held in violation of the Constitution & Laws of the United States. This is irrefutable evidence of abuse of power by the U.S. Supreme Court. With corruption in the U.S. Supreme Court the appellate Court System no longer works thus requiring the Constitution's checks & balances to restore the integrity of the Constitution. What the Judge now does by delay is the continuance to run a corrupt government.

4. Accountable meaning - ( of a person, organization, or institution ) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible. " government must be accountable to its citizens ".
When a man is brought by Habeas Corpus to the Supreme Court & upon review of it, it appears to the Court that he was against law imprisoned & detained he shall Never be by an Act of the Court remanded to his unlawful imprisonment, for then the U.S. Supreme Court should do an ACT OF INJUSTICE IN IMPRISONING HIM, de nova, AGAINST LAW.  The habeas corpus was filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, case No. 04-7377 addressed to former Justices Sandra Day O'Connor & John Paul Stevens. Every federal Judge has a DUTY WHEN ADDRESSED BY HABEAS CORPUS TO CHECK THE RECORDS & IF TRUE AS ALLEGED TO IMMEDIATELY RELEASE THE CITIZEN FROM THE ILLEGAL RESTRAINT. The Supreme Court Judges do an act dereliction of duty.  Accountability meaning - the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. " their lack of accountability has eroded public respect ".
Having committed dereliction of duty the Supreme Court was again required by Writ of Certiorari to account for my imprisonment & reminded that the Habeas Corpus is guaranteed.
The Court again disregarded their duty continuing Slavery in violation of the 13th amendment against the law. [ See; ]
The State Court Judge David Kiely fails to perform his Constitutional duty recognized by sec. 4 of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF MARCH 1, 1875 not to pursue a conduct in the administration of their office which would operate to discriminate in the selection of jurors on racial grounds. An illegal ACT by an office holder constitutes JUDICIAL Corruption if the ACT is directly to their official duties as has been proven before you, Judge John D. Bates. Moreover, because the allegation's are true the responsible officials are subject to criminal penalties pursuant to Title 18, sec. 243 which has 2 prongs, the first to make what was implicit, explicit, that this violates the 14th amendment, and second, to impose criminal charges to deter judges from discriminating in the trial procedure. A crime has occurred whether the defendant was black or white, whether acquitted or convicted, A CRIME HAS OCCURRED.

5. ECONOMIC OPPRESSION meaning - prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. The motive for corruption was to deny Jesha Miller 10 million dollars for the illegal restraint & 40 million dollars in punitive damages because it was officials who did this violating my rights under color of law, totaling 50 million dollars & to cover-up the crime by Judge David Kiely pursuant to Title 18 sec. 243. [ See; transcripts page 250 / ]  Here Judge David Kiely overrules the State & Federal CONSTITUTION right to a fair & impartial jury as mandated by the 14th amendment. This violates the unalienable right " all men are created equal " which is guaranteed by the 6th amendment right to a fair & impartial jury, the right to a fast & speedy trial, & the right to counsel. THERE IS NO JUDGE THAT CAN OVERRULE THE STATE NOR FEDERAL CONSTITUTION WHICH HE HAS TAKEN OATH TO UPHOLD FOR THEN HE HAS TAKEN THE LAW INTO HIS OWN HANDS, REFUSING TO ADHERE TO THE DEMANDS OF THE CONSTITUTION. This cannot be condoned in any manner yet the U.S. Supreme Court condoned it & continued the imposed Slavery to deny the 50 million dollars. [ See; Injunctive relief with reparations on previous blog ] As you see I'm entitled to a total of 50 million dollars & the Habeas Corpus for my immediate release. We have the right to redress government to correct what was done wrong & my petition sent to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has yet to be processed at all or less known in the timely manner between 60 to 90 days. Despite being notified they exceeded the processing time LIMIT the Justice Department still has refused to process the petition because it proves not merely a civil right violation, but corruption, dereliction of duty, oppression not to pay the 50 million dollars that is owed, & an ACT by the U.S. Supreme Court against the law that denies the right to freedom. The Attorney General therefore continued the economic oppression with the ulterior motive not to pay the money owed for default of the 14th amendment right to due process & the 6th amendment right to a trial by fair & impartial jury. This oppression has caused my eviction, car repo'd, no dental treatment that can cause death, clothes, food, & no money to comply with such things as car registration & insurance. My suffering makes my fiancee suffer as well as family. The first thing the Attorney general is required to do is pay the MONEY OWED and then I can be financially secure. That is the intention not to comply with the Constitution by enforcing the Federal law when she is to be the CHIEF FEDERAL LAW ENFORCER. This prolongs the cruel & unjust treatment because of her control in the position of authority as the U.S. Attorney General refusing to pay for the default of the guaranteed right under the BILL OF RIGHTS, RIGHTS GOVERNMENT MUST PROTECT. GUARANTEED meaning - to assume responsibility for the debt owed, default, or miscarriage of justice. The DEBT OWED FOR DEFAULT OF THE 14th AMENDMENT RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS & THE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE BY THE U.S. SUPREME COURT WAS 50 MILLION DOLLARS. [ THIS EMAIL ALLOWS THE COURT TO SEND $ 10,000 of the 50 million now ].

    WHEREFORE, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE WORK LOAD OF JUDGE WILLIAM CONLEY, YET & STILL THE COURT ORDER TO GUARANTEE JESHA MILLER 'S FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS SHOULD BE ENFORCED IMMEDIATELY. Already when he was to be released immediately by the Habeas Corpus it never happened so the Court has to make amends to diligently execute the word immediate meaning " at once, instantly. As the Chief Executive of the Administrative Office, you Judge John D. Bates cannot allow Judges to take what is to be done immediately under advisement. They cannot be allowed to continue the concealment of corruption & economic oppression under the disguise of being taken under advisement because this is a guaranteed right to freedom of the press to inform the public & is essential in discussion to protect the people’s rights. { Demonstrated by you DID NOT KNOW THERE WAS EVIDENCE OF CORRUPTION IN THE ENTIRE JUDICIAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. THE VERY BRANCH WHICH YOU ARE A PART OF & TOOK OATH TO UPHOLD. }
Due to the GRAVITY of CORRUPTION in the ENTIRE JUDICIAL BRANCH as Chief Executive of Administration you must ORDER THE FCC & MEDIA TO GIVE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE ON THE CHECKS & BALANCES PETITIONED BY JESHA MILLER WHICH CONGRESS MUST ADDRESS FOR THE PERFORMANCE OF THE CONSTITUTION'S CHECKS & BALANCES. The inevitable cannot be delayed any longer. The first amendment states that I can execute my 1st amendment right at any time & having chosen that time chosen on the 11th & 20th day of January, 2016 Judge William Conley has failed to do so by ORDER to the Defendants. I now Demand the Chief Executive of Administration, Judge John D. Bates to Order the FCC & media to give IMMEDIATE COVERAGE TO JESHA D. MILLER TO EXPOSE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION IN THE JUDICIAL BRANCH & THE REMEDY OF THE CONSTITUTION'S CHECKS & BALANCES PETITIONED BY JESHA MILLER TO UPHOLD THE INTEGRITY OF THE CONSTITUTION TO RUN A CLEAN GOVERNMENT THIS FEBRUARY 1, 2016. Please notify Judge William Conley of the circumstances & reason for immediate enforcement of my first amendment right. [ See; for complete list of defendants to be notified of the ORDER ]  Because this is time sensitive please act on the email today, January 29, 2016.  { Request the Court send 10,000 dollars of the 50 million owed this day of January 29, 2016 to ease economic oppression. }  ISSUE AN INJUNCTIVE ORDER BY THE COURT THIS FEBRUARY 1, 2016 TO STOP DENYING MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO INFORM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC THROUGH PUBLICATION, TV BROADCAST, & INTERNET NEWS OF CORRUPTION IN THE ENTIRE JUDICIAL BRANCH & THE CHECKS & BALANCES PETITIONED TO RESTORE THE INTEGRITY OF THE JUDICIAL BRANCH PETITIONED BY JESHA MILLER.

Respectfully petitioned & empowered by the 1st amendment - Jesha D. Miller

Date: January 29, 2016

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  1. The federal judiciary are expected to observe high standards of conduct so that the integrity & independence of the judiciary are preserved and the judicial employee's office reflects a devotion to serving the public. The action of Judge William Conley delaying the people's first amendment right to freedom of the press by putting it under advisement reflect concealment of government corruption that is in his Branch of government. This continues the concealment that the media is doing by not informing the American public. That is not the intent of the first amendment. The intent is to inform the public for general discussion essential for protecting the rights of the people. This stops the corruption. For this reason the Motion to the Oversight & Accountability Chief Executive - Judge John D. Bates is necessary so that government is held accountable & the checks & balances can restore the integrity of the Judicial branch of government. Government oppression cannot be tolerated in any manner over the public for it their duty to carry out the law, not decide who is rich or poor. The Judicial Branch must pay the 50 million owed Jesha Miller for default of the 14th amendment right to due process. This is the rule of law, rights that government must protect. The concealment of corruption in the Judicial Branch must be immediately addressed so the integrity is restored because Jesha Miller has evidence of the abuse of power in the U.S. Supreme Court proving the checks & balances are the proper method to be used as intended by the Framers of the Constitution.